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Not only diameters, also geometries


Turning and milling of pieces with the most varied dimensions, with tolerances ranging from the simplest up to the most challenging ones.



We realize precision machining on CNC vertical turning centers up to a 7000 mm diameter and 3400 mm height.

With a wide range of machines at disposition, diameters 2000 mm, 3000 mm, 4000 mm, 5000 mm.

The precision of the modern machine tools is guaranteed by their perfect efficiency preserved through an accurate and planned maintenance.

And thanks to the constant check of the axes geometry and to the calibration of the measuring instruments.

The flagship is the GANTRY with turning platform ø4000 of the German brand Waldrich Coburg, with 5th axis.

  • Vertical turning machine Gantry -WALDRICH COBURG with turning table ø4.000 mm, working height 3.000 mm, C-Axis, W, 5th Axis
  • Vertical turning machine TOS with turning table ø2.000 mm and turning height 2.000 mm.
  • Vertical turning center TOS SKA30 with turning table ø3.000 mm, turning height 2.000 mm and C-Axis.
  • Vertical turning machine TITAN SC43 with turning table ø4.000 mm and turning height 2.500 mm.
  • Vertical turning center VISUAL with turning table ø5.000 mm, turning height 3.400 mm and C-Axis.


To completion of the turning machining, we dispose of a milling and boring machine with moving column of big dimensions: X=10.000 mm, Y=4.000 mm, Z=1.600 mm and equipped with roto-translating table.

Thanks to the birotative millesimal head our milling and boring machine fulfils the most specific needs.

  • Milling and boring machine with moving column SORALUCE: 10.000 mm x 4.000 mm x 1600 mm.
  • Gantry WALDRICH COBURG with rotating table ø 4.000 mm, working height 3.000 mm , translation of the table 6.500 mm, C-Axis, W, 5th Axis.